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Feeding Clinic Of Santa Monica

Specializing in the treatment of pediatric feeding disorders

What we do:

Baby Spoon-Feeding
For children and infants with feeding problems our goal is:

  • To facilitate increased food intake, while decreasing refusal behaviors.
  • To provide the necessary experience for children to learn to eat naturally in their normal environment on a consistent basis
  • To train caregivers to strengthen positive feeding behaviors and deal with problematic feeding situations

How we do it:


Through the Use of Proven Techniques

  • To increase volume of food consumption, variety, and texture
  • To meet nutritional, hydration and caloric needs as determined by a dietitian

Data Collection

  • Monitoring changes in your child’s feeding behaviors
  • Making adjustments to your child’s protocol to provide the greatest chance of success through closely monitoring changes in your child’s eating habits

Parent Training

  • Parents and caregivers are trained to implement the treatment protocol with 80% or better integrity
  • Parent training results in the ability to confidently feed your child without stress or issues that existed prior to treatment


  • After successful completion of the feeding program, our feeding therapists monitor the progress your child has made to see if it is maintained or can be improved upon
  • Close contact maintained to ensure that problems that might arise during caregiver feedings are quickly resolved


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Picky Eater

I want to thank you for the incredible results you were able to achieve with James and finally solving his eating problem that no one else could. James is now willing to eat anything placed before him, even oysters.  I do not think that I could even eat an oyster.  James may not be completely happy with what he is eating but he will nevertheless eat it without a fuss.  This is light years ahead of where he came from and you were able to accomplish this in all of 8 weeks.  James has gained weight during the last 8 weeks and is now at his proper weight.  It is nice to no longer see his ribs show. read more

Feeding Tube Dependent

James was a 25 week preemie twin who spent the first nine months of his life in the NICU.  With underdeveloped lungs, James struggled to live and his ventilator dependency was the beginning of cause and effect situations.  At two months old James underwent a tracheotomy due to subglottic stenosis, or scarring caused by being intubated for so long. It wasn’t until James was six months old that a bottle was introduced using a Haberman nipple and eight months old before he was able to consume enough volume to stop the supplemental NG feedings. read more

Failure to Thrive

After over 2 months of trying various options, we found that he had started to lose significant weight, and had fallen off the chart. The GI was concerned that he was “wasting away”, and was at risk of being declared Failure to Thrive. She wanted to intervene right away by getting a tube in him – and I was in tears right there. What had happened to my healthy little baby? Being very concerned about this approach I begged for time. The GI gave us all of 3 weeks and suggested that I reach out to Ben for feeding therapy. Those 3 weeks turned out to be life saving for our then 5 month old. read more