Specializing in the
treatment of pediatric feeding disorders

Our feeding clinic is dedicated to correcting your child’s eating issues within the shortest time frame possible. We do this by using our experience and expertise while exercising the flexibility inherent to a smaller clinic. This allows us to offer effective solutions for the most complex of cases.

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Treatment Process


What Makes Us Different?


Picky Eating Program


Failure To Thrive Program


Feeding Tube Dependent Program


For Out-of-Town Families


What we do

For infants and children with complex feeding problems, our primary goals are to:

Facilitate increased food intake while decreasing refusal behaviors

Provide the necessary experience for children to learn to eat like their peers

Train parents to deal with
problematic feeding issues

How we do it

We strive to excel in all aspects and stages of feeding therapy:

Data Collection

We are constantly monitoring changes in your child’s feeding behaviors. When necessary, we will also make adjustments to your child’s protocol to provide the greatest chance of success.

Proven Techniques

Increasing volume of food consumption, variety, and texture. Improving feeding behaviors so that a child’s weight increases. Meeting nutritional, hydrational, and caloric needs as determined by a dietitian.

Parent Training

Parents are trained to implement the treatment protocol with 80% or better integrity. Training results in the ability to confidently feed your child without stress.


After successful completion of the feeding program we monitor your child’s progress to see if it is maintained or can be improved upon. We stay in close contact to ensure that problems that might arise are quickly resolved.