Feeding Clinic of Los Angeles


Feeding Clinic of Los Angeles Consulting Group

Specializing in consulting with outside organizations regarding feeding clinic optimization

Mission: To establish or modify feeding programs within hospitals or specialty clinics to yield more effective feeding treatment, while increasing revenue.

We establish predetermined goals, which coincide with your budget:

  • Decreasing superfluous expenditures while maintaining or increasing profit
  • Structuring efficient work flow plans
  • Training competent staff
  • Designing treatment facilities
  • Producing software to best account for treatment data
  • Developing an effective marketing plan
  • Help working with insurance coverage
  • Continual monitoring of operations to help further optimize your treatment facility

Staff Training: While it is always nice to have a big fish tank in your lobby, the most important assets that a feeding clinic can have are its feeding therapists. We strive to produce top-notch therapists who have high success rates, who can work independently, and who are able to formulate creative protocols customized for each specific child being treated. We offer staff training not only at your facility, but also at the Feeding Clinic of Los Angeles.