Feeding Therapy and Implications

Time Frame of Feeding Therapy and Competency

Many therapists will state that therapy can take anywhere from six months to a few years. Many will also state that a feeding tube can be a good interim solution as the problem is being solved.

However, it should not take more than eight weeks to stabilize a child’s eating if there is a volume or variety issue. Nor should feeding therapy take longer than eight weeks to wean a child off a feeding tube.

Inserting a feeding tube is counterproductive to any momentum that feeding therapy creates. Instead, it is advisable for a feeding therapist to say, “I don’t know how to treat this feeding issue,” so that the caregiver can seek out a more effective remedy.

Again, some feeding therapists will encourage parents to get a feeding tube instead of seeking competent therapy. This practice is highly unethical.

Always ask the therapist prior to treatment what the goals are, as well as the time frame and success rate for treating your child’s specific issue. Some clinics will aim low in order to meet certain goals and achieve higher success rates.

Never compromise on your child’s feeding therapy. If your feeding therapist is not solving the issue in a timely manner, look for one that will.