Medical Issues

Ruling Them Out

The first step to feeding therapy is always determining whether a child can safely eat. In order to do this, several tests such as the MBS, endoscopy and allergy testing may be needed. Once these issues are resolved, the feeding therapist can structure meals to increase oral intake to meet the caloric needs determined by a dietitian or nutritionist.

We have some of these disciplines in-house and do work with specific outside professionals such as pediatricians, pediatric GIs and pediatric allergists/immunologists. We also feel that it is important to work with practitioners who are already following your child’s feeding history.

The feeding specialists design protocols to meet the specific feeding needs of your child. This of course includes taking the evaluations of other disciplines into account.

Whether allergies, tube cuts or aspiration, all variables play a part in how the protocols are designed to effectively increase oral intake in a safe manner, while decreasing problematic behaviors that hinder proper intake.